About Me

How Do You Deal With Loneliness?

Do you feel like it's harder & harder to experience a connection that feels authentic?

If you looked through your phone right now how many people could you trust to hold your secrets?


Do you have someone in your life that you can share the things you feel ashamed of?

The idea of being vulnerable is terrifying. We've all witnessed and experienced the world be unforgiving and unkind when a person is at their most vulnerable.


But What If There Was A Space Where The Usual Rules Didn't Apply?

A space to be vulnerable
A space without judgment

With someone, you could trust to be both discreet and empathetic?
What if you found someone to be vulnerable with?


How Would That Change Your Life?

I am someone who has transformed my own shame and vulnerabilities into strengths and proud achievements.

I want to help you do the same. 





Here I Am Being Vulnerable For You

When I first arrived on the scene I struggled a lot with labels. It was hard for me to integrate myself neatly and completely under the label Domme, Mistress or even Goddess.

With a lot of contemplation, I realized that these labels were limiting me & in order to provide the connections I felt my clients deserved, I needed to peel the labels away.

It's an incredibly bare and vulnerable process to present yourself to the world without the security blanket of a label & yet I have done so, for you.  


And You Haven't Even Introduced Yourself  


As with all relationships, there must be a give and take. What I have to give is;

experience & intense study into the art of BDSM,

Fetish & fantasy role play,

a background in Sensual massage,

over a decade of study in yoga,

meditation & energy healing

Killer wit & a wonderful sense of humor 

What I take is;

Your shame

Your Loneliness 

Your desire to feel connected to something outside of yourself


We Can Take Things Slow


I offer a wide range of experiences curated specifically for you;

Massage, BDSM, Fetish & Fantasy or an Intimate experience

For any of these activities to be fully enjoyed I'll need to learn a bit about you;

What your likes and interests are as well as what you're hoping to gain from our session, 

And yes for safety reasons you will need to go through a lite screening process. 


Don't Worry I'll Guide You Through The Entire Process

Click Here to Start  







So You Want To Know More?

You've completed the screening steps and you're eager to see me.

I understand I am eager to see you too. Please allow up to 24 hours for me to review your information  (note that a provider reference could take several days and the fastest way to see me is by using a work reference).

Now that you've completed your screening we will be doing most of our communication via email. 


Do You Want To Impress Me?

It's not as hard as you may think, I promise. 

Just follow some basic rules of etiquette when we engage, (be polite in your correspondence and respect my time) & follow instructions. ... That's it! 


Ready To Seal The Deal?

Then the only thing between you and your dream is a deposit. I understand that you have every intention of arriving to our session but sometimes life happens. Deposits serve to pay for the incall should you not be able to make it and instill confidence in me that you're going to be a good boy/boi and respect my time. 








If you've seen a provider in the last 6 months provide their contact information as well as a link to their social media page. 

Remember to let them know that you're using them as a reference ...(& if you'd like to say an extra thank you send them a token of your gratitude for taking the time to refer you.)

If you don't have a recent provider reference then you can use a work reference.

Provide your company name, position as well as your full name, or a link to your LinkedIn. 


All references should be sent to my email amaramarx@protonmail.ch 


Let's MadLib Shall We?

Simply copy-paste this into your email, fill out what's pertinent, trim off what's not and hit send. 


Lady Amara Marx,

My name is _______ and I'm interested in booking a  session for ___hrs___ during the following __date__ and __time __.

If that's not available, I'm also available ______. 

My preferred contact is ___email/phone_____and I can receive messages/calls during the following times ______  

As a professional reference, my LinkedIn profile is available here: __________

As a Provider reference please use ____provider contact___ and you can view their profile here _____

As a work reference, my company name is ____company name____ and my position is ____position title___ 


 Now Add a Picture of Your Face Thinking About Meeting Me & You're Done!

Ad a photo that shows your face, preferably your face smiling because you're excited to see me, and the screening process is complete. 

If you have any concerns about your information please review my privacy statement



The best way to contact me is through my email




If you'd like to set up a time to talk or chat you can do so using my NiteFlirt line

Send me a message through my NiteFlirt profile and we can schedule a time to talk

Call Amara Marx for phone sex on Niteflirt.com

 I happily spend time curating content for you on my social media platforms

Why not take advantage and follow along?

It's free!

Instagram @ladyamaramarx

Twitter @amaramarx1

Switter @amaramarx 


woman sitting in window

No blocked numbers. No text messages.

I'm Ready to book


Buddy, Billie, and Kate The Music I Use To Make Your Dreams Come True








Music allows everyone in the session space to become a different person. For the few minutes that the song is playing, we transcend and explore what it's like to feel different than how we usually feel and to see things differently than how we usually see.

Songs allow us to go on mini-epic journies; start, climax, and end, over and over again in 3-5 minute intervals.

There is no set rule for what is right to play and what is wrong to play. Music depends entirely on the Dominant and their submissive and there's always room to be wonderfully surprised.

For example one of my favorite Mistresses has a very natural, timeless, vintage, beauty. The first time I sessioned with her I was surprised to hear early 90's heavy rock and grunge.

While I used to fantasize about lewd acts done to Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie I've actually found that despite my personal attachment to these songs they're usually not quite right for me in session. Watching my friend work to the rhythm of her music, it was clear that what didn't work for me was most certainly working for her. Not only was it working for her it was hypnotizing to the other people in the session room myself included.

While you might not immediately think that Buddy Holly is a go-to BDSM scene builder I've actually found that "Everyday" works better for me than Nine Inch Nails "Closer"...although I've had quite a lot of fun to that song as well.

It's about the rhythm and the comfort I feel when Billie Holiday is crooning behind us in the background, or Kate Bush is serenading us as we begin.

Whether the setting is sensual or more disciplined, here is a list of songs that this Lady uses to get in the mood; 


Kate Bush-Running Up That Hill
Kim Jung Mi- Your Dream
Wendy Rene - Give You What I Got
St. Vincent - Cheerleader
FKA Twigs - (everything)
Nina Simone - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Donovan - Get Thy Bearings
ABRA - Fruit
Andrew Bird - Why
Rainbow Kitten Surprise - Devil Like Me
Anderson East - Only You
The Gaslamp Killer - Nissim
The De Castro Sisters - Teach Me Tonight
Massive Attack - Paradise Circus
Los Lobos - The Valley

I have a different list of songs that I use for aftercare which you can hear after we have our session together ;)

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My Kinky Resume








There's a lot of information out there on BDSM and what to do to get into the scene, how to know if the scene is right for you etc etc. If you want to learn more about intro-level BDSM I've added an article I found that does a good job of addressing all of that information here.

For everyone else who is interested in my particular skill sets; what I have learned and what I'm still learning I've composed a sort of kinky resume for you.

I've spent a lot of time and resources making sure that I have the skillset to provide an experience for you that is both enjoyable and safe which means you can relax into the scene while I skillfully handle all the details.

Behold My (ever-growing) Resume Of Kink

Needle Play Workshop - taught by Too Bad Mice I attended this class with several equally sadistic friends of mine so if your fantasy includes pointy objects and beautiful women I can make that dream come true.

CBT Intensive - Taught by Tara Indiana (yes the Tara Indiana). I spent four hours learning how to properly wrap, twist, freeze, weigh down, punch, kick, stab, hit and more in this class.

Financial Domination - I've taken two courses on this subject because it's a personal fetish of mine. I've taken a class with Tara Indiana as well as Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noir. This subject has a lot of negativity associated with it and that's unfortunate. I'll be writing an article to address this in the future so if you're someone who thinks that financial domination is nonsense or you have no idea what it even means, stay tuned.

Interrogation Workshop - Taught by Boss Boar. This workshop taught me how to properly set up an interrogation scene, how to monitor my submissive, and how to tell if you're lying... as if I wasn't dangerous enough as it is.

I didn't just spend my time at Domme Con in LA lounging in the hot tub with my Domme friends (although that was certainly a highlight....o to be a fly in our champagne that weekend) I also spent a lot of time attending classes and workshops including High Protocol and S Type Training taught by Slave Bunny, which further instilled in me a deep respect for my submissives. I was also a part of Dom Javier's class called "Understanding the M/s and D/s Relationships" where we discussed the psychological and social implications of the Master-slave, Dominant-submissive relationship.

I spent 6 months interning at an established dungeon where I received foundational training on electro play, bondage, humiliation, fetish, and fantasy role play, impact play and the intricacies of setting up an irresistible scene.

I look forward to taking the following classes in September (My Birthday Month, send me tributes and presents!!!)

Predicament Bondage - Taught by the Glorious Domina Yuki

BDSM & Herbology - I'm so excited about this class as I've already gone on a very informative herb walk with the wickedly intelligent Mistress Wild Iris  

Single Tail Whip - Taught by Mistress Vivienne who I've had the pleasure of personally being topped by. Mistress Vivienne's precision is unmatched and I can't wait to be in a room soaking up all the information she has to offer. 

I am currently reading "Topping" by Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy and "The Mistress Manual" by Mistress Lorelei Powers.

I have a long list of BDSM related books on my wishlist which you can see here.

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Fantasy Vs Reality It's Bitter Sweet




  dominant with a submissive...





A friend of mine once set up a scene for a man who was in his late 60's. He had developed a bit of a fetish when he was in his early teens but was never able to openly discuss it with his partners. 

Can you imagine having a desire hiding inside of you for over 50 years?

50 years of wishing you could talk to someone, 50 years of fearing you'll be judged, 50 years of having it on the tip of your tongue but never being able to speak it into existence.

As a healer, I consider it an honor to make your fragile wish become a reality.

That's what I get to do every day and I don't take it for granted. It is a lot of responsibility to be entrusted with something so valuable and I do everything I can to make sure your dream finds the right star.

That being said sometimes a scene just doesn't go the way you planned.

Bummer right?
Despite everyone's best efforts the stars were busy bickering with each other that day and forgot to grant us our kinky wish like they promised.

It can be disappointing, to say the least, and not just for you but for the person you entrusted with your time as well.

Maybe not the turn you were expecting this post to take but I've never been a fan of keeping appearances for appearance sake.

Sometimes things just don't work.

It's no one's fault sometimes that's just the way things are but there are a few things that you as a client can do to help make sure your dream becomes a reality as smoothly as possible.

So now that I've lifted you up just to smack you down let me offer you some salve for your wounds.

We are not one size fits all.

In the past, I've been contacted about things that I had clearly listed as not being an option.
Why then would they bother reaching out?
Because they liked my look.

Do not reach out to someone simply because you like the way they look. While I appreciate that aesthetic is a large part of our perception it's not the whole part. Make sure you read the information they have written in their ads and on their website in order to see if this person is the right person to guide your experience.

Be a freak but be a communicative freak

Be as clear as possible when you're describing you're fantasy. There is a happy medium between a vague nonspecific email and a 2-3 page erotic short story. That middle is the sweet spot you're going for.

Remember that while you're discussing your session with someone you're going to get some feedback. Be prepared for that and don't take it personally. Almost every time I had to offer feedback or tell someone no, it was because what they were asking for wasn't safe. We want you to get your dream but we also have a duty to keep you safe.

Communication doesn't stop once the session starts in fact that's the most important time to communicate. If you know that you're going to be shy and have a hard time expressing your feelings take some time to discuss that before the session starts. There are lots of ways to communicate non verbally and as long as we know what to look for in session we can easily make adjustments as the session progresses.

Set reasonable expectations

When your expectations start out unreasonable you're setting yourself up for disappointment. What's worse is that you're also setting up the person you asked to help guide you through your experience for failure. Inevitably you'll walk away feeling like someone failed you when really your unrealistic expectations doomed you both from the start.

When have you ever gotten it right the first time?

While it's certainly possible and has happened that everything goes right on the first try realistically, (especially if this is a more detailed fantasy), it's going to take some time to get all the pieces right. If it wasn't perfect the first time communicate what you liked and what you didn't and see how they feel about trying again, they probably have a few ideas of their own.

I wrote this specifically for those interested in reaching out to a professional but the same basic rules about communication and expectations apply with a personal partner.

If you are interested in making your fantasy become a reality, why wait?
Send me an inquiry.

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The "In Bed" Game

Remember That Game You Used To Play?
You'd have to end every sentence with "in bed"?
Well, let's talk about the ego in bed.







It Is True That Size Doesn't Matter,

Except when it comes to your ego. If you have a big ego in bed it can ruin the entire experience for your partner or partners. No one wants to be jackhammered for an hour straight so that you feel like the "man". It's not a good look.

Before We Get Into All That... 

Let's talk a little bit about what ego is. Ego is "a person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance."

Everyone has an ego and that's a good thing. Egos only become problematic when they become toxic and we all have a little bit of a toxic ego because we've all experienced trauma. Our ego adapts to what made us feel bad in the past and tries to protect us from feeling that again which is a good thing.

However, sometimes we get a little too caught up in making sure we don't get hurt again and pick up traits that make us selfish. If our egos go unchecked we stop considering how the people around us feel and we start saying and doing things that are "I" centric.

Put This Into A Sexual Setting And It's A Recipe For Disaster

...or at the very least bad sex. Sex can be just you and that's great but if you decide to let others in on the fun then make sure to be aware of their needs. They say when you give someone a gift you shouldn't do it because you're expecting anything or you want anything in return.

I think that should be the golden rule in bed. You give your partner or partners pleasure because you want them to experience pleasure not because it makes you feel like a champ.

I once read a shirt that said: "I can make your pussy cum". Other than being vulgar for the sake of vulgarity this highlights a key issue with the ego. This person is taking something wonderful, an orgasm, and making it all about them! Who wants to have sex with a person like that?

You Have To Shift The Focus Away From You

Shifting the focus of your sexual experiences from you to them may take some effort but it's worth it. Talk to them. Find out what their likes and dislikes are, pay attention to their body and how they're reacting. Notate what happens when they experience pleasure (or pain ;).

Otherwise, It's a Date Night Disaster

My friend once met me at a bar after a date. I asked her how it went knowing that they'd gone back to his place.
"It was horrible!" She said.

"He had no idea what he was doing down there and then when he was done he said 'was I good?' but with this smug look on his face like he thought he had rocked my world"

We spent a good hour going over my unsatisfied friends' experience meanwhile he probably thought she was still lying in bed recovering from his penis. You don't want to be like this guy.


You Don't Need To End It On A Bad Note

At the end of the day, your ego just wants to make sure that you feel special and acknowledged and you deserve to feel that way but don't forget that the people in bed with you deserve to feel special and acknowledged as well.

Go out there and have safe, consensual sex.

Just curb your ego first.

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Do You Even Whip Though?

Once Upon A Time

I was interning at a dungeon for several months and in that time a lot of crazy talented, intelligent, beautiful & intimidating Mistresses were around me (my submissive side was delighted). 

They taught me so much about what it means to b...

I am honored and most of the time flabbergasted that these amazing people are my friends.

But in truth, I had always felt a little bit like something was missing. It turns out...

This One Mistress Had A Lot Of Internal Drama

And that Mistress was me.

I loved my sessions, the props, the classes, the community but deep down I was processing.

I wanted to offer more services but I had a lot of internalized whorephobia...yes it's a thing even within the sex worker community.

I was going back and forth about offering more services, services that aren't usually in the wheelhouse of a "professional Dominatrix". 

After a lot of thought and contemplation, I realized that making the decision to offer more services was the right thing to do for myself and for my clients. 

Sex Work Is Hard Work & There Are No Easy Answers

What I see consistently in the human psyche is a need to feel complete, whole, validated & loved.

BDSM absolutely opens the door for a person to process all of those emotions.

I love seeing a submissive let go of their ego and surrender, releasing their guilt and shame. 

I will still continue to offer a space for my beautiful masochists, my humble submissives, my freaky little fetishists & all the many newbies. BDSM is an integral part of who I am. 

So What I'm Saying Is...

I decided to offer more services because I realized that BDSM isn't an integral part of who everyone else is. I think everyone deserves to feel validated, to feel good in their skin, to feel empowered to ask questions and get honest answers (let's face it sex workers are the best educators) & not everyone is going to be able to find that in a BDSM setting. 

And If You're Wondering If I Can Be A "Real Domme" & Offer Other Services

Of course I can!

Adding skillsets and practices doesn't take away, discredit, or devalue the former set of skills.

But If you have doubts book me for a session & feel in person what a dominant twisted bitch I can be. 




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